Hey! I'm savvy

Chocolate cake is my vice

I get a strong chocolate craving about once a week that can only be satisfied with chocolate lava cakes from Dominos. And recently, Crumbl cookies!

I'm Obsessed with weddings

I had my dream wedding to my dream guy...it didn't stop there. Now I have six wedding dresses in my closet. They're all just so pretty I can't help myself!

AJ and I Love to travel

Our favorite travel destination so far? Havasupai, the "Land of Waterfalls" in Arizona.

I was totally a band geek

I played the oboe and loved it! I also was super into colorguard, you know, with the dancing and the flags and weapons!

Halloween is my favorite 

I go full out cosplay every year! My favorite costume so far has been Anastasia, since it's also my favorite movie.

I love ASL

I'm in school right now to be an interpreter for American Sign Language. I'd like to give a special welcome to members of the Deaf community!


Located in Utah Valley. Available for travel.

(801)410- 0660

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