The engagement session you need is...

Casual and Genuine

     The most important thing to you is obviously your fiancee! As long as you get to spend time with them and have fun during your session you're happy. You don't much care for those ultra posed photos that don't even reflect the people inside them. You would much rather your pictures show who you really are- relaxed and fun. You want your photos to reflect what the moment felt like more than anything.

     You care as much about the experience as you do the product. Your ideal engagement session would feel like a date- and your pictures would capture all the cute moments. When you look back at your engagement photos, you can't help but smile because it takes you back. And isn't that what pictures are all about?

     I love working with casual and genuine brides, and if you resonate with what you see here, we might be a perfect fit! Click the button below to check out more photos of engagement sessions and weddings that call to you.



Located in Utah Valley. Available for travel.

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