Big Springs Park in Provo


Huge open area with a gorgeous backdrop. It can get pretty crowded, so if we want to utilize the pretty mountain backdrops I recommend going during the week. The ground is pretty marshy in some areas, so I would take care in the shoes you bring to walk in!

Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon

$6 per car.

Gorgeous views of the mountains. Green waters with a small sandy beach, and many forested areas around with lots of pine trees. There is a dock that extends out to the water. This place can get crowded on weekends, so it's best to go at some point during the week. No cell reception inside the canyon, so it's preferable to meet up in the parking lot outside the canyon and drive in together. 

Vineyard Beach in Orem


Vineyard Beach is on the shore of Utah Lake. It has a view of the mountains in the background, and red/orange reeds surrounding it. Very versatile spot, although the ground can get a bit muddy so keep that in mind when choosing shoes.

Deer Creek Park near Heber City

$10 per car.

This gorgeous park is through Provo canyon on the way to Heber City. It has hills and is based on a lake with mountains in the distance. It has a couple different entrances, my favorites are the second and third entrance. Most of the ground is gravel, so you don't need to worry too much about mud. Because service is spotty there and they price per car, I suggest we car pool here.

Founders Park in South Jordan