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Downloading Your Gallery

To download any photo, click on the photo, and then click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. Click "download" if you are on a computer, and "save to device" if you are on a cell phone. To download the full gallery all at once, you will need to be on a computer. Go to the homepage of your gallery. Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and click "download all". It will download as a zipped folder.

Printing Yourself

I highly recommend printing through my shop, and prints purchased through consumer shops are not guaranteed by me, but if you would like to print on your own feel free to. I highly recommend Persnickety Prints in Orem. Costco can also be a good option for consumer prints, but if you are ordering through Costco (or any other consumer shop) be sure to unclick the "Color-Correct" option if they have one. I would advise staying away from Walmart and Walgreens for prints, as they are generally known to have the worst turnout.

Printing Large Prints

If the prints are ordered through my shop, they can be of any size- you don't need to worry about anything other than ordering them since I always use the largest files available.

If you would like to print them yourself through your own shop, you are totally free to do so! However, if you are printing extremely large prints, you may want to order them with the full resolution for the best quality. The full resolution images take up quite a bit more space, therefore they are an additional purchase. You can order the full res gallery through my shop, here.

Print Release

Most places will not require this, but some print shops require an official print release to print your photos. If they do, show them this print release.


All of my Savvy brides and have your own hashtag! Don't forget to use #asavvybride and #asavvycouple on your posts so my other savvy brides and clients can appreciate your awesome day as well!

Of course you don't have to, but I also love for my clients to tag me in any photos they post online! It helps out my business so much, and I love getting to see your favorites and your thoughts on your posts. On both Instagram and Facebook, my tag is @savvyleighphotography. Feel free to tag me personally on facebook as well if you'd like as Savannah Young- I love becoming social media friends with all my clients!


Located in Utah Valley. Available for travel.

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