Portrait Session

    December, 2018

    It might have been December, but the FALL colors were swinging!!

    Darbi was a previous roommate of mine (and one of the best!). She was so awesome, and didn't even get mad at me when I left dishes in the sink. Of course we have been good friends ever since!

    She served a church mission in Argentina for a year and a half! When she got back, I called her up and told her to grab her best dress, and come with me for some pictures. She was totally down, and of course the dress she grabbed was her favorite from Argentina!

    Darbi is such a fun person to have as your model because she is seriously down for anything! It was freezing, and she was in heels, but she was still smiling and having a great time the whole time.

    Fun fact: I actually brought a random friend of mine (whom she had never met before) to come and be her fake fiancee so I could practice taking couple pictures! Haha! Both of them were such good sports about it. I won't be posting any of those picture though, because the guy I brought in actually got married later, and I photographed his wedding!

    Darbi is actually now a photographer herself! She runs a photography business called Beautiful Things Photography. She also frequently comes along with me as my second shooter for weddings and other shoots!

    She's warm and friendly, and will tell it like it is! When we were roommates she was not afraid to tell one of us if the guy we were dating was a loser. Or dragging us to the grocery store because we just needed to get out of the house.



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