Kylee + Parker

    Couple's Session

    September, 2019

    The sunset cast golden rays of light across the meadow, and it was absolutely breathtaking. Kylee and Parker actually stopped in the middle of taking pictures just to stare and enjoy the beautiful landscape. They kept freaking out about how gorgeous the sunset was, and they couldn’t take their eyes off of it. They even pulled out their phones to take a few pictures of their own.

    Tunnel Springs Park was the perfect backdrop for this session. It was pretty chilly, but I luckily had a jacket in my car that Kylee could wear as we hiked. Despite the cold, the light was absolutely dreamy, and it made for some gorgeous photos. Kylee and Parker were also dressed to the nines, and added a really romantic touch. My favorite picture from the session was when Parker began to spin Kylee, and the sun created a golden halo around her hair.

    Even though the sunset was beautiful, I was even more impressed by how considerate Parker and Kylee were to each other and to me. Parker even offered to carry all of my stuff each time we moved to a new location. We had to hike quite a bit up the hills to get some gorgeous fields in the pictures, but Parker and Kylee didn’t mind at all. They were totally willing to hike and do whatever I asked to get some great photos.

    Kylee and Parker, thank you for making this session so enjoyable for me. You were both so kind and helpful, and it made the session run a lot more smoothly. You’re the best! Love, Savvy



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