Carisil + Coulter


    July, 2019

    Deep at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, in the Native American reservation named Havasupai, Carisil and Coulter were dancing with the waterfalls.

    Yes, the water is really that blue! It was truly an oasis paradise in the middle of the desert. This was my first elopement shoot, and with it I discovered I had a crazy love for elopements.

    It was so intimate, so fun, so cozy. There were no crowds of people to show off to (besides other star struck campers looking on), so instead we got the most lovely, genuine pictures. Plus some funny ones, because what's love without laughs?

    This was a 4 day, 3 night long camping trip that started with a 12 mile hike down the Grand Canyon. It was grueling to say the least, and I immediately passed out into a nap once we reached our campsite.

    Carisil and Coulter were so strong during the hike, and so sweet to eachother! Carisil and I were definitely the slow ones of the group, but we had our guys with us and they had no problem hiking at our pace and taking it slower for us. We never felt rushed, and it really helped us enjoy the gorgeous canyon we were in!

    You really get to know how strong your relationship when you have to hike over 30 miles in 4 days with no showers and battle raccoons for your food on a nightly basis! And I'm telling you, those raccoons have NO fear. They will just stare you down! Carisil and I definitely had to send our guys to go shoo away wildlife while we watched terrified from our hammocks. Luckily, Coulter has experience killing raccoons with a SWORD before! (True story!) We were in good hands.

    Carisil is my best friend, and you'll probably see her and Coulter featured a lot on my website since they are so sweet and one of my favorite couples to photograph. This has got to be my favorite session of them though, and one of my favorite adventures!



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