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    December, 2018

    How many people can honestly say that their roommates became their best friends?! I know my last post was about my previous roommate, but honestly I feel like it doesn't happen all that often!

    These guys were so close, they wanted pictures with the three of them before the school semester ended and they had to split up.

    We literally had to track through snow, with them in heels! I can't believe they were so awesome about it too, because I am not a fan of snow. And I am not a fan of walking in heels. And I don't know about anyone else, but my feet get cold super easily! These guys pushed through it no problem though!

    One of my favorite things about this place (Vivian Park) is the cool train that is always there! It's got quite a few cars, and even comes with a red caboose. It has a perfect country feel to it, especially surrounded by these mountains. Of course these girls still managed to pull off glamorous on a train!



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