Custom Session/Portrait Session

    December, 2018

    Okay this was such a super cool session! McKaye is a yoga instructor, and she wanted some new content for her business as well as some cute casual portraits!

    It's amazing to see this kind of flexibility and skill up close! I used to be a dancer, and I know first hand how much time and effort goes into keeping up your flexibility. It's something you have to keep honing every day, or you'll lose it.

    For the yoga pictures we went to Utah Valley University (UVU). I'm actually a student there in the interpreting program for ASL, but I've got to say I think I explored more places in UVU with McKaye than I had ever seen before! Who knew there were these awesome giant stairs for studying, or actual rooms dedicated to prayer and meditation! I love that there are so much community areas available to so many different activities.

    For her portrait session (and a couple more yoga shots!), we went down to Provo Canyon. Of course. It's so beautiful and diverse there, I would guess probably half of my sessions are somewhere in Provo Canyon!

    Surprisingly there was not a ton of snow in December, and the beautiful fall leaves were still kicking!

    McKaye is such a friendly, enjoyable person with a contagious laugh. We had fun tromping through the rivers and grasses and got some great shots of her beautiful smile lighting up her face!



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