Diana + Dale

    Engagement Session

    December, 2019

    When one discovers that once in a lifetime person, to capture that beauty and pureness is paramount. Diana and Dale were no exception of this. From the first moment they met they instantly knew something there was something special. "It was literally like stars aligning and two souls completing each other again." Diana said, " “I got hired as an intern there for Texas Parks and Wildlife. He was an employee. They wanted him to train me, and the attraction between us was quick and undeniable."

    Nature has been a love both shared, so much so that it influenced Diana's life that it became her career. So when Dale and Diana got engaged at Enchanted Rock it was apparent that nature was going to be a big part of this photo shoot.

    Keeping in mind that they wanted more casual pictures, I still wanted to go the extra mile, in this case literally. Though it was overcast it ended up working in our favor, because the beach was nearly empty of people. We were able to capture some beautiful shots which really made this something special.



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