Emily + Landry

    Custom Session

    April, 2019

    Besties? Check. Roommates? Check. Soul sisters? Check!

    Emily knew that Landry would be serving her mission soon for the LDS church (she has since been called to serve in the Panama mission speaking Spanish!), she wanted some pictures with her best friend before Landry was shipped around the world!

    These guys were so friendly and so supportive of eachother. And when I said "how do ya'll feel about piggybacks?" there was no hesitation, they just went for it!

    There were some tips and laughs, we got some picture perfect shots, and some that were just too funny not to include.

    We also had a ton of fun doing some "model" poses, and pretending they were in some kind of shampoo commercial! They were naturals!

    And how could I not get some cute shots of Emily while I had the chance?! Plus she had just gotten this super cute tattoo on her shoulder that she was itching to show off. (Pun intended?)

    It's so nice seeing friendships that can withstand the test of time. (And the test of being roommates, am I right?!) Emily and Landry's friendship was one of those that gives you a bit more faith in the world!



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