Emily + Rider

    First Look

    November, 2019

    Rider faced the front doors at Heritage Gardens, waiting in anticipation for the moment when he would see his bride for the first time in her wedding dress. As Emily climbed the stairs towards him, the excitement between them was unmistakable.

    As Rider turned to look at Emily, he immediately wrapped her in a big hug, and then stepped back, open-mouthed, just staring at her. He was almost in tears, his emotions were so high. Emily’s mom and both of Rider’s parents were there, and it was such a sweet and intimate moment to see all of the love and joy on their faces.

    Everything about the scene was absolutely perfect. It had begun to snow, and Heritage Gardens looked like a winter wonderland. It was the perfect chance for Emily and Rider to enjoy some time together as an engaged couple before dealing with the stress of the wedding day.

    Emily and Rider, thank you for taking the time to let me capture your first look in such a beautiful setting. You are just the perfect bride and groom, and I know you will have the happiest marriage together. Love, Savvy



    Located in Utah Valley. Available for travel.

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