Emily + Rider


    November, 2019

    On a cold and beautiful day in November, Emily and Rider sat together, surrounded by loved ones at the Bright Building in Provo. Having only been married just a few hours before, they now held hands and listened as family members and friends shared love and stories with the happy couple.

    Rider’s dad took the microphone and smiled through tears at his son and new daughter in-law. He told Emily that he was glad Rider had found someone who wouldn’t take his kindness for granted but who would love him wholeheartedly and allow him to share his compassion to the fullest.

    There was a wonderful mix of emotion and joy throughout this wedding day. Emily is a very organized person, and she pretty much had the whole wedding planned within a week of being engaged. But when it came to the actual wedding day, she was relaxed and smiling the whole time.

    Earlier in the day, right before the luncheon, while everyone was driving from the temple in the blizzard, the unthinkable happened....THE CAKE FELL. The top two layers had splatted from the pedestal and onto the ground, and only a portion of the bottom layer remained on the serving tray where we had left it.

    But while it was a shock to walk in and see the delicious mess it had created, it was even more of a shock to see how Emily reacted! She was totally fine. Totally chill. There was no freak out, no tears, no anger. Emily was in such a high place after just being married to her husband that NOTHING could touch that joy she was feeling—not even a splattered cake!

    So we added some more flowers to the top, and they cut the bottom layer of their cake during the reception. Their wedding day was all about them, and this was truly a test that showed they had put their priorities in the right place that day, and their number one priority was each other. ♥️

    This was seriously such an inspiration to me! Details are lovely and wonderful, but Emily and Rider showed me that they should always take a back seat to the people you love.

    Emily and Rider, thank you for the perspective you gave me on this beautiful day. I was so impressed at your focus on what is most important—spending time with those you love. I am so happy for you both, and I’m glad I could be there to celebrate with you on your wedding day! Love, Savvy



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