Haruna + James

    January, 2020

    Engagement Session

    Have you ever heard of a wrestling match during an engagement session? Me neither. But I was privileged to witness a glorious showdown between James and Haruna during their engagement session at. James loves to wrestle, and Haruna was totally up for the challenge. She even delivered a death blow herself!

    James and I are cousins. His mom was born and raised in Japan, and his dad served an LDS mission there. So it was only fate that James should also serve a mission in Japan. He and Haruna met while on the mission, and it was love at first sight. Haruna also has strong ties to Japan, as she was born and raised in a small Japanese town. She loves the beauty and nature of her hometown, and she’s excited to marry someone who loves Japan as much as she does.

    Not only do James and Haruna both have a love for Japanese culture, but they also complement each other perfectly. James has always been very nice and relaxed. When we were young, all of the cousins would joke about how he was husband material because of how sweet he is.

    And his easygoing nature definitely came out during their engagement. When I asked them about wedding planning, James responded, “There’s not really that much to stress over.” I turned to Haruna, who quickly said, “I’m stressed.” Haha.

    They remind me a lot of my Aunt Seiko and Uncle James. My sister even said once, “They’re James and Seiko 2.0!”

    Haruna and James, thank you for sharing your fun and outgoing personalities with me. I had a blast during this session, and it was all because of how happy and excited you were the whole time. I know you will have the best marriage, and I’m excited to see you grow closer through the years. Love, Savvy



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