Bridal Session

    August, 2019

    I was so excited for this session! Kaitlyn and I had spoken before, and she was super sweet. I knew it was going to be a blast! Plus, this was such a gorgeous location that I had been dying to take a bride to for a long time.

    The light was gorgeous. We had a beautiful sunset that just accentuated Kaitlyn's dreamy look and made the whole scene look like it was out of a fairytale.

    There was no one else around, and it was a great opportunity to take a deep breath and let her mind relax before her first look with her fiancee, Hunter, in about an hour.

    Looking at these pictures I really thought to myself that she looks exactly how I imaged the Lady of Lake would look from King Arthur mythology! All she needs now is a giant sword, and I can totally see her rising from that lake like a mystical queen.

    Kaitlyn, it was truly an honor to capture you looking so beautiful and serene! You truly were a gorgeous bride!



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