Kaitlyn + Hunter

    First Look

    August, 2019

    It was moments before Kaitlyn and Hunter’s first look in Deer Creek State Park. I stood with Hunter as Kaitlyn approached him from behind. Kaitlyn was very nervous that he would turn around and see her before the first look, so as I was walking into place, I told him he’d better not turn around before he was supposed to. Hunter, by nature, likes to joke around, but today, he looked at me and said, very seriously, “I know. I won’t. I know these pictures are very important to her.” It really touched me that even though Hunter is the type to tease, he wasn’t going to turn around and ruin the moment because of how much he cared about Kaitlyn.

    As Hunter turned around to look at his bride, he was all smiles, and he immediately wrapped Kaitlyn in a big hug. You could see the emotion and love between them as they smiled and laughed together. Kaitlyn was so excited the whole time they were taking pictures that she wouldn’t stop grinning. She kept scrunching her shoulders and giggling, and it was adorable to see how much she loved Hunter.

    Kaitlyn and Hunter, you are such a beautiful couple. I’m so glad that I got to witness your first look and be there to capture these moments for you. You are both phenomenal! Love, Savvy



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