Clare + Zach


    October 2019

    Clare stood with her back leaned up against a tall, brick archway at the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ivy climbed the side of the wall, and Zach leaned in, touching his nose gently to Clare’s. A few drops of rain began to fall, and soon, it was raining hard enough that we had to stop in the middle of the session and relocate to the Utah State Capitol. Despite the cold weather, Clare and Zach were smiling and laughing the entire time.

    Clare and Zach have been dating for [insert amount of time], but they also love to model on the side. They thought it would be funny to share these photos with their families and make them think that they had actually gotten married.

    We all had a blast together during the session. Clare and Zach were very sweet to each other, but they also weren’t afraid to laugh and have a good time. You could tell that they were friends, even outside their relationship.

    Clare and Zach, thank you for your being so fun and easygoing. I’m glad we were able to get so many beautiful pictures during this session, even though it started raining halfway through. You two are the best, and I had so much fun spending the day together with you. Love, Savvy



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