Melany + Christian

    Couple's Session

    January, 2020

    A cold breeze blew across the snow as we neared the Ice Castles in Midway, Utah. The air was freezing cold, and I couldn’t help but shiver under my coat. Just ahead of me, Christian walked with his arm around Melany, wrapping her in his coat. Throughout the entire photoshoot, he kept checking to make sure she was comfortable and having a good time. It was so sweet to see the love between them.

    This session was a styled shoot planned by Life Through a Lens Photography, and the atmosphere was gorgeous. A lot of people like to take photos in the summer, when it’s warm and green. But Utah has such a unique beauty in the winter as well. The Ice Castles were absolutely stunning.

    Despite the beauty of the glistening Ice Castles, the temperatures were very cold, and we all had to keep moving in order to stay warm. My feet got to be so cold that I was tripping over them because I couldn’t feel them anymore. And I wasn’t the only one. Poor Melany wore open-toed heels for the shoot, and her feet were perfectly frozen by the end.

    But even though it was cold, taking photos of such a fun couple made it a blast. The thing I love most about Melany and Christian is how genuine they were. Instead of trying to master the perfect poses, they were just laughing and having a good time.

    Melany and Christian, thank you for reminding me what’s most important about photography—having fun. You made this photoshoot so much more enjoyable with your positive attitudes and love for each other. I had a blast exploring the Ice Castles with you, and I’m so glad we got to do it together. Love, Savvy



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