Pinpoint Massage

    Custom Session

    December, 2019

    Elanor worked, while I quietly snapped pictures in the background. Soft music was playing, and the whole atmosphere was so cozy and relaxing. Even I was relaxed, and I wasn’t the one getting a massage!

    Elanor has been a massage therapist for [insert amount of time], and she’s great at what she does. The girl getting a massage was actually another massage therapist, and she was so comfortable that she didn’t want to leave when the session was over. I also really appreciated how professional Elanor was and that respected me as a professional. Everything about the session was so calm and beautiful.

    Elanor, thank you for allowing me to photograph your work and for treating me with such kindness and professionalism. You are very accomplished in massage therapy, and it was super fun and interesting to watch. I hope we have the chance to work together again soon! Love, Savvy



    Located in Utah Valley. Available for travel.

    (801)410- 0660

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