Kelsey + Jeremy

    Anniversary Session

    November, 2019

    Kelsey and Jeremy gazed into each other’s eyes, surrounded by the gorgeous Red Ledges in Springville, Utah. They had just celebrated their [insert amount of time]-year anniversary, and they had traveled deep into the wilderness to reach this spot. Kelsey’s dress blew gently in the breeze, and Jeremy kissed her lightly on the forehead. Even though Kelsey couldn’t move her neck very much, he was so kind and gentle with her.

    Kelsey and Jeremy are both very passionate about God, and it showed in their relationship. They value their marriage just as they value their faith. Savannah wore a necklace that had been given to her by Jeremy at their rehearsal dinner. She told me that she almost cried when he first gave it to her, and I could tell that it was her most prized possession.

    Kelsey and Jeremy, you are both so sweet, and it made my heart melt to see the way you love and interact with each other. Thank you for celebrating your anniversary with me. I wish you many more happy years of marriage throughout your life. Love, Savvy



    Located in Utah Valley. Available for travel.

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